PSM Updates

PSM Courses – Fall 2014

INDE 7397 Decision Making for Public Safety Have you ever had a difficult decision to make? If so, did you wish for a straightforward way to keep all the different issues clear? The objective of...
PSM Courses – Summer 2014

INDE 7397 Evacuation Planning and Management Click here for more information     INDE 6397 Environmental Health and Safety Click here for more information  
“Logistics & Transportation” Course

The Industrial Engineering department has been offered the “Logistics & Transportation” course in the Fall semester 2012. This is a new course focusing on problems in the design and...
2012 PSM Poster Competition Winners

First prize: Maryam Zaghian ($250) Likang Ma ($250) Second prize: Mukesh Rungta ($300) Third prize: Lei Jiang ($100) Sujay Mahale ($100)
2012 PSM Poster Competition Presentation