Multi-Purpose, Multi-Scale Storm Surge/Flood Forecasting for Planning & Preparedness

Investigator: Gino Lim, 12/1/2007 – 11/30/2009

The objective of the research is to develop a fully integrated framework for the modeling and simulation of storm surge and flood events, with applicability at macro-, meso-, and micro-scale levels. The success of this research should allow for a comprehensive approach to flood forecasting, infrastructure assessment, and emergency planning. The framework for this research will be comprised of three components:

  • High-Resolution Storm Surge and Flood Modeling
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Resiliency, and
  • Disaster Preparedness and response.

In the end, this research should result in tools for natural disaster forecasting and should support infrastructure assessment for flood and storm surge susceptibility, disaster preparedness and response, and regional reconstruction. In the area of infrastructure assessment this research will assess the failure mode of structures in coastal regions subjected to storm surge and flood scenarios. Under the resiliency component of this research, models will be developed that depict the economic impact of storm surge and flooding events. In the area of disaster preparedness and response, models should be implemented to detail networks and traffic movement. The objective of the disaster preparedness and response component is to enhance homeland security practitioners understanding of how different factors, including road capacities, distribution of people, and available flood inundation and infrastructure failure information, can impact the evacuation process. The research should also provide federal and local governments with appropriate decision tools to dynamically and effectively manage disaster response.