PSM Courses - Spring 2015

INDE 7397 Economics of Disaster

The course is intended to provide students with advanced tools necessary to evaluate, measure,and compare contributions of economic principles to disaster research, mitigation, and planning. The course also demonstrates how mathematical techniques, both deterministic and probabilistic, can be employed by decision makers in developing more objective and sound engineering decisions.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to understand disaster modeling, risk and uncertainty, cost-benefit analysis for natural disaster management. Other outcomes of the course include an in-depth knowledge of definition of terms and current methodologies and their limitations. Students will also be able to effectively utilize cost comparison concepts to determine the economic desirability of any remediation models.

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INDE 6332 Engineering Project Management

The topics that this course covers include strategic management and project selection, project organization, planning, scheduling and control of engineering projects, network models (CPM and PERT), conflict and negotiation, budgeting and cost estimation, resource allocation, time-cost trade-offs, monitoring and information systems, project auditing and termination.

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